Height: 5-0
Weight: 117
Birthday: 10/14/1983
Birthplace: Melvindale, MI
Residence: Salt Lake City, UT
Team: US World Team / Salt Lake International
Coaches: Jae Su Chun

Jessica Smith started her incredible career on inline skates. In fact, when she was only 12 years old, she earned a spot on the Junior National Team, the youngest member to ever to do so. "I loved skating. My parents taught me about goals. One of my earliest goals was to become a World Champion athlete." After 16 World Championship titles, 14 Junior World Championship titles and a Pan American Gold medal, Jessica decided she might be interested in a new challenge. " I set a goal for myself , to become an Olympian." Since Inline Skating never officially made it to the Olympics, Jessica began to consider the ice. After seeing the success of former inline skaters such as Jennifer Rodriguez, Derek Parra and Chad Hedrick, she decided she would make the switch to follow her own personal Olympic dreams.

She was invited and accepted a spot on the Wheels to Ice Program (WHiP) sponsored by the USOC. She quickly excelled, being asked to join the National racing program and made the World Team within her first year, as well as making the National Championships within her first two years. Within the WHiP program, Jessica must compete in both disciplines, ice and roller sports Recently Jess was one of two women selected to represent the US in the Pan America Games in Rio De Janeiro in 2007

Jessica is pushing to become one of the select U.S. Olympic Speed Skaters that have been bring home the majority of the U.S.A.'s medals over the past two Winter Olympics.

"I am now SO CLOSE. In 2010, I was the Alternate to US Women's Olympic Short Track Team. I am one of five women on the U.S. Short Track 2011 World Cup Team."

With help from friends and sponsors, I know I can achieve this wonderful Olympic goal in Sochi, Russia in 2014.


Early on.

1989 Regional Champion

First year I won indoor Nationals.

1995, 9 time National Champion Inline Skating.

Junior World Titles.
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