My business education and experience has given me the ability to understand Sponsorship opportunities from a business perspective - something a lot of top athletes fail to grasp, or even appreciate.

It is with this in mind that I want to become partners with you. Any Olympic achievement will take a
mutual effort, and I greatly respect this!

I want to be a part of your team as we come up with innovative ways to promote and build your business together.

There are numerous strategies we can discuss that will help you obtain substantial market benefit.

Thank you for your interest and sponsorship support while being a part of this amazing journey towards the "Olympic Dream!"

If you are interested, the best way to reach me is through Don Mealing (949) 690-9900




• Appearances
• Web links and web bannering
• Uniform logo placement (race suit)
• Podium exposure
• Media
• Team building (Skate with Me)
• Product placement
• Venue bannering

These are just to name a few. I would love the chance to work with you to come up with unique ideas for exposure.

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